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29 Broad Street,
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: 518-561-3980
3 Park Row
Cadyville, NY 12918
Phone: (518) 293-8574
3123 Miner Farm Road
Altona, NY 12910
Phone: (518) 236-5986
29 Broad Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: 518-561-3980
29 Broad Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: 518-561-3980


We are the only funeral home in the North
Country to own and operate a crematory.
This gives your family both complete piece
of mind and confidence that your loved one
never leaves our care.
A definition of cremation: The irreversible process of reducing human remains to bone fragments through extreme heat and evaporation, which may include the processing or the pulverization of bone fragments.
But, what does a cremation "really" mean?  It means different things to different people.  Some families select traditional cremation.  Traditional cremation would usually include preparing the body for viewing, public calling hours or family only calling hours, a funeral service with the body present and the burial of the cremated remains in a cemetery or mausoleum. 
There are many different variations of traditional cremation available.  It is possible to have calling hours for the cremated remains and after the calling hours a funeral service with the urn in a church or our funeral home chapel.  Some families choose to have calling hours and a memorial service without the body or urn present, they use photographs, video tributes and memorabilia to honor their loved one. With our qualified staff and spacious chapels, we are able to accommodate any of your wishes.
The least involved and lowest cost option for cremation is called a Direct Cremation.  Brown Funeral Home, Inc. offers the lowest cost direct cremation service in the area.  Direct Cremation is a cremation with no services and the ashes are typically returned to the family.  If you choose Direct Cremation, Brown Funeral Home will make the local removal from your home, nursing home, hospital or place of death, file all necessary paperwork, prepare an obituary, place the body in an alternative container cremation casket and deliver the body to the crematory. Following the cremation we will return the ashes to you.
* Cash Advances are costs that the funeral home pays on the families behalf and does not make a profit on.  Cash advances can include, but are not limited to, the crematory charge (currently $425.00), certified copies of the death certificate (Usually $10.00 per copy) newspaper paid obituary charges, cemetery charges, flowers, reception, engraving final dates on a cemetery monument, etc.
Please keep in mind that no matter what type of cremation service you select, your family will have the highest level of service provided to them.  We never charge our families to file life insurance claims, social security forms, veterans claim forms or any other documentation regarding the death of their loved one.
Brown Funeral Home also offers a complete line of urns, sharing urns, thumbprint memories and cremation jewelry.  You are welcome to make an appointment to view the cremation merchandise.
Brown Funeral Home is proud to be the only funeral home in the North Country to own a crematory, Mountain View Crematory.  This facility is brand new and is operated by our staff of licensed funeral directors.  Their is a family room available, so if there is any concern about the cremation process, a family member is welcome to accompany Brown Funeral Home, in our hearse, to the crematory, wait in the family room until the cremation process is complete and receive the ashes at that time.  We have brochures from the crematory explaining the process and procedures and will gladly mail it to you.

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Dying is one of the few events in life that's certain to occur, yet one we rarely plan for. Should we spend more time preparing for a two week vacation than we do our last days on Earth?

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